XP 11” X35 Coil

X35 coil of 28 cm (11″) for XP DEUS and ORX – Reference D28X35.

This coil is a good compromise between power and selectivity. Its performance is almost the same as the 34×28 cm coil (13×11″) our engineers have reduced the weight to around 400 gr, almost the same as the 22.5 cm coil (9”) and 200 gr lighter than the 34×28 cm coil.

    XP Coil D28X35

    35 frequencies!
    With 5 main frequencies (4, 8, 12, 18 and 28 kHz) and the 7 wide offset variations, the X35 coil offers a total of 35 different frequencies helping to adapt your machine to the soil characteristics and your desired target.

    The D28X35 coil belongs to the family of XP X35 coils. These wireless coils are available in 3 sizes to give you even more search options. 22 cm (9″), 28 cm (11″) and 34*28 cm (13*11″).


    • Wireless coil
    • 35 frequencies: from 3.7 to 27.7 kHz
    • Battery life: about 15 hours depending on which frequency and power (lithium battery)
    • Weight: 470 gr
    • Fully waterproof up to 6 meters
    • Supplied with coil cover, fixing kit and lower stem
    • 5 Year warranty and LONGTIME certified (design to last)
    • Made in France

    Note: Purchasing an additional coil for your detector is equivalent to buying a second detector for a very low price. You can use the first coil with your remote control and use your wireless XP headset to control the second coil. With this configuration you can detect with two detectors: one for you and one for a friend! (stem not supplied)