XP ORX Remote control

6 detecting programs that adapt to all terrains!

Control Module also known as the remote control allows you to adjust all the settings of your ORX. It can be fixed on the stem or stored in pocket.

    4 factory programs + 2 user programs

    The 4 Factory programs have been pre-saved into the ORX remote control allowing you quick access to 4 very specific search modes. You also have 2 empty program slots to save custom programs offering even more possibilities:

    • GOLD: for use on slightly mineralized ground. High sensitivity to medium and large gold targets
    • FINE GOLD: for use on very mineralized ground. Highly sensitive to small and medium gold targets
    • COIN FAST: (fast recovery) ideal for all types of targets in mineralized and iron laden ground
    • COIN DEEP: (deep recovery) ideal for all types of targets, very deep when searching cleaner less mineralized ground

    (See user manual)