XP Waterproof Kit

Dive and detect up to 5 meters deep.

The kit is supplied with a 2.5-meter Aerial Antenna, an in-line volume control headphone adapter, fixings and a waterproof armband to protect your remote control up to 5 meters deep.

    Aerial antenna

    Aerial antenna for underwater searching with your DEUS / ORX

    The aerial extender (Waveguide) allows for a seamless radio link between the coil and the remote control / headset when submerged.

    The Wave guide is a purpose-built clip designed to fit over the search coil + cover on the same side as the battery terminals.
    The plastic support clip can be fitted onto the stem, headphones or remote control. The Antenna kit includes a thin coaxial cable, 3 plastic support clips, and 3 x ‘O’-rings used to attach the the aerial antenna to the search coil.

    DKIT-C:  cable 250cm + volume control + waterproof Armband incorporating waterproof earphones

    Mounting on the coil

    First possibility: Mounting on the handle

    • For a partial immersion of the detector (< 50 cm)
    • Remote control positioned on the stem

    1. Remove the protection from the adhesive

    2. Position the support

    3. Clip

    Second possibility: Waterproof armband mounting

    Waterproof up to 5 meters (16 feet) it will protect your remote control or WS4 headset in immersion.

    1. Fix the support of the antenna to the back of the waterproof armband

    2. Use the volume controler if needed

    Other mounting possibilities
    1 – On the remote control
    2 – On the WS4 headset
    3 – On the WS5 headphones